Ed’s Oil Burner Sales & Service

Just Great Service!

We don’t sell oil – we just provide great service for oil burners … and we’ve been doing it around Gloucester for over 40 years.

We adjust your burner to burn less fuel – not more.  This means a cleaner home, soot-free, and lower fuel bills.  In most cases our cleaning service is paid for in fuel savings over a single winter.

We have a great reputation.  Not only do we know what we’re doing, but we’re available when you need service – 24/7.  Snow, rain, or shine our fleet of four wheel drive vans can get to you.

Ready for bio-fuel?

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick signed biofuels legislation on July 28, placing the state at the forefront of the clean energy movement. The Clean Energy Biofuels Act requires all home heating oil and diesel fuel sold in the state to contain at least a 2% bio or agricultural component by 2010 and 5% by 2013.

This is great for the environment, but maybe not so good for your current burner.  We’re already certified to service burners for bio-fuels to keep them running cleanly and efficiently.

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